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As mentioned in my first post, I will be sharing with you some ways on how to earn from home. In this article, let me share with you how you can earn from Twitter.

If you’re an active user or have lots of Twitter followers, join Sponsored Tweets and earn just by tweeting.

After you become a member of Sponsored Tweets, you’ll have access to the various opportunities in their “marketplace.” Each opportunity lists the requirements of the advertiser and the price that they are going to pay you if you get approved for that opportunity.

Sponsored Tweets, like its affiliated site SocialSpark, requires some type of disclosure in your tweets. Among them are “sponsored,” “brought to you by,” and “I’ve partnered with” but if you’re like me who want to conserve space, there’s also the “#ad” disclosure.

You can cash out once your income reaches $50 but if you purchase their Pro membership, the payment threshold will be decreased to $25 (among other benefits).

Again, if you want to earn through Twitter, you can join and earn via Sponsored Tweets