Who Protects You from Identity Thieves?

As technology evolves, so has the means of unscrupulous individuals in targeting their preys.

Internet technology has made it easier for everyone to share information. Things that took some people days, weeks and months to research a few decades back can now be accessed in just a few seconds online. Although the internet had provided some advantages such as the ease in access of information and faster mode of communication (like email, chat, etc.), it also gave individuals the opportunity to commit identity theft and identity fraud easily.

People can get important and sensitive information from almost any imaginable means. Although some of these information can be obtained from your wallet (like your ID cards), mails (like bank statements) and trash (especially if you don’t use a shredder), the internet has opened a lot of options for acquiring information from you too like in phishing, hacking and unsecured connections.

Who can protect your identity?

There’s a site called IdentityHawk that offers a comprehensive identity theft solution for those looking for identity theft protection. Among the benefits offered by IdentityHawk are social security number protection, identity health score, $1 million identity theft insurance, comprehensive alerts, 24/7 identity security scanning, identity recovery experts and credit scores and monitoring.

You can visit their site to learn more about them and how you can take proactive steps to reduce your risks of identity theft and fraud.