Tips on How to Succeed in Earning from Online Surveys

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Many people take online surveys to earn online. Although there are legitimate companies that really pay you for completing surveys, it is important to remember that many scammers are prevalent in this “industry.”


Before joining online survey panels, make sure to do a thorough research on these companies. Find out how much they pay. You do not want to end up spending the whole day answering surveys only to be paid less than a dime per hour.

Email Account

Create an email account just for your survey emails. This will help you unclutter your personal email accounts and organize your email accounts.


Set a schedule of when you should work on the surveys. Although some survey invitations are available for a couple of days, the good ones fill up immediately so consider this factor when making your schedule.


It is a good practice to keep a log of your money, points or rewards to help you keep track of how much you are earning. This will also help you crosscheck your actual money received against how much you are expecting to receive.

Complete Your Profile

Some survey invitations in survey panels are sent out only to people who match specific criteria. Be sure to keep your profile up to date so that you will be considered in some surveys that will otherwise not be made available to you.

Do you have any tips on taking online surveys that you would like to add? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Earning Online With Bucks2Blog

Are a blogger who wants to monetize your blog? There’s a website called Bucks2Blog that offers opportunities for bloggers to earn from their respective blogs.

The procedure is quite straightforward with this company. If you want to join, just visit their website and fill up the sign-up form. Once you are accepted into their network, you will receive emails weekly (usually on Mondays) about the blogging campaigns that are available during the week. When you see a campaign that you’re interested in, submit your story line to them and they will send you the campaign guidelines if you’re selected for the campaign.

Payments for approved posts are made via Paypal and are usually paid within 10 to 15 days (sometimes, earlier than that). They usually compensate bloggers $20 per post but those with errors in their post will just get $15.

Interested? Here’s the link again: Bucks2Blog.

Good luck!

Blogsvertise Changes Payout System

blogsvertiseBlogsvertise is one of the sites where I had been earning online. I had actually written about this site in April and please feel free to check out this post if you missed it: Earning Online With Blogsvertise.

Previously, Blogsvertise sends out payment a month after they approve your posts. In September 28, 2012, Blogsvertise changed their payout policy and now set a minimum payout level of $50.00 to minimize Paypal fees.

Yes, if you are a member of Blogsvertise and had been wondering why you are not receiving any payout from them recently, it’s because your total receivables from them has not yet reached $50.00.  If you still have any questions on the Blogsvertise payout policy even after reading this post, Blogsvertise says that you can contact and they will try to accommodate all of your issues and needs as best they can.