Earning Online With Bucks2Blog

Are a blogger who wants to monetize your blog? There’s a website called Bucks2Blog that offers opportunities for bloggers to earn from their respective blogs.

The procedure is quite straightforward with this company. If you want to join, just visit their website and fill up the sign-up form. Once you are accepted into their network, you will receive emails weekly (usually on Mondays) about the blogging campaigns that are available during the week. When you see a campaign that you’re interested in, submit your story line to them and they will send you the campaign guidelines if you’re selected for the campaign.

Payments for approved posts are made via Paypal and are usually paid within 10 to 15 days (sometimes, earlier than that). They usually compensate bloggers $20 per post but those with errors in their post will just get $15.

Interested? Here’s the link again: Bucks2Blog.

Good luck!

Earning Online With Blogsvertise

blogsvertiseWhen I wrote about the 6 Ways to Earn Online Through Blogging, I mentioned about writing paid posts.

One of the sites where I personally am member of and I’ve been earning for years already is Blogsvertise. They offer sponsored blog reviews, guest posting ads, banner ads, text links ads and inline advertising.

To join Blogsvertise, register your account and blog with them. An administrator will review your site and upon acceptance, you can add more blogs for review and approval. You will receive emails when you have new tasks or assignments or you can log in to your account to check if grab bag tasks are available.

Blogsvertise is open to both bloggers and advertisers alike so if you are interested, here’s the link again: Blogsvertise or you may click on the banner above.

Earning With Ask2Link

Earn money from your website/blog. Get paid through PayPalI had mentioned in my post, 6 Ways to Earn Online Through Blogging, that there are various ways to monetize your blogs. One of these ways is by selling advertising space either to direct advertisers or through advertising networks.

One of the sites where you can earn by selling an advertising space in your site is Ask2Link. You will set a price for a monthly ad run and will be required to install a code that will automatically show the links when a buyer fancies your site and buys an ad space in it.

They accept the following sites:

  1. WordPress self-hosted blogs
  2. Blogger/blogspot blogs
  3. WordPress.com blogs
  4. Sites using Perl
  5. Sites using PHP
  6. Sites using JSP
  7. Sites using Ruby
  8. Sites using ASP

Payments are made every first of the month via Paypal. There are also no minimum payments and no Paypal charges.

By the way, you can both be a seller (publisher) and buyer (advertiser) of ad space at Ask2Link.