Earning Online With Blogsvertise

blogsvertiseWhen I wrote about the 6 Ways to Earn Online Through Blogging, I mentioned about writing paid posts.

One of the sites where I personally am member of and I’ve been earning for years already is Blogsvertise. They offer sponsored blog reviews, guest posting ads, banner ads, text links ads and inline advertising.

To join Blogsvertise, register your account and blog with them. An administrator will review your site and upon acceptance, you can add more blogs for review and approval. You will receive emails when you have new tasks or assignments or you can log in to your account to check if grab bag tasks are available.

Blogsvertise is open to both bloggers and advertisers alike so if you are interested, here’s the link again: Blogsvertise or you may click on the banner above.


  1. says

    Thank you for sharing this very relevant post
    especially for me because I am a MOM 24?7 as well.
    I wish to earn my first BIG bucks (agad?) through blogging.

    • WAHWM says

      good luck Marri. it will take some time especially if you’re just trying to establish your blog but once it does, it gets easier to earn from it.

  2. says

    One thing I not so like about Blogsvertise is their payment method. But other than that, I am fine with them and yes, this site is 100% legitimate.

    • WAHWM says

      they pay via paypal a month after publication. so far, it’s the norm in the paid posting “world”… unlike other sites, they don’t charge “taxes/fees” too and have no minimum payment threshold. and yes, you’re right that it is 100% legitimate. :-)

    • WAHWM says

      it’s also one of the major sources of my online income Jessica. here’s to more opps for us! cheers!

  3. says

    hmm..kelan ba ako last nag ka opps dito? ithink last year pa…ikaw din ata yung nag bigay ng idea sa akin nyan sis..musta naman?
    i think more opps for blogger if in the US..
    parang ikaw lang..hehehe

    • WAHWM says

      medyo matumal din ako sa kanila lately sis. there was a time kasi na “inaway” ko ung isa sa kanila via email dahil ilang ulit pinarevise sa akin ung work ko eh hindi naman ganon ung pagkakaintindi ko sa instructions. mukhang na-ban ako. LOL!


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