Starting Your Own Home Business?

Are you one of the many who dream of starting a home business? A lot of people, especially those who think that there’s more to life than waking up every morning and working for the rest of the day for a wage, feel that a home business is the ideal way of earning.

But running a business from your home is no joke. A lot of details must be considered in order for your home business to be successful. Working at home, just like working outside, has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Just like traditional businesses, operating a home business must be as efficient and as profitable as can be in order for you to make money so proper planning is important. Doing a feasibility study is a must so that you can avoid some costly mistakes.

It is important that you choose the opportunities that suit your talents and skills – and you in general – so that you can make the work as “enjoyable” as can be.

For example, if you are interested in gardening, you can start a plant nursery. A book lover may look into the possibility of starting a book club while those who are currently working as accountants can start their own bookkeeping or accounting services at home.

There are lots of possibilities as to what you can do at home. If you feel that you still are not prepared to go full-time as a home business entrepreneur, you can do it part-time until you have learned the trade or are sure that it’s really a feasible undertaking.

The New 1099-K

Have you heard of the new 1099-K? I dropped by earlier and found this really helpful and informative infographic and thought it was worth sharing with all of you.

Do check it out!

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic

July Income from LinkVehicle

Recently, somebody asked me at the WAHWM Facebook page whether I really earn online. I don’t usually write about how much I earn online but I guess, I need to share about it if only to inspire others into trying to earn online and for them to know that, yes, it is indeed possible to earn online.

During the whole month of June, I earned $96.50 from LinkVehicle. LinkVehicle pays during the first day of the succeeding month so I received this payment on my Paypal account last July 1.

proof of online earnings from the internetLinkVehicle is one of those sites that pay bloggers to write about an advertiser. If you are a blogger and want to learn about how to earn online with LinkVehicle, you can visit their site and register by clicking this link: LINKVEHICLE.

Good luck!