Earning Online With Microworkers

Aside from writing paid posts, you can also earn by doing jobs for employers online.


There’s a site named Microworkers that connects employers and employees worldwide. These jobs are microjobs, ones that can be completed in a short span of time – thus the term “microworkers.” It is free to register an account – and you can be an employer and an employee at the same time using just one account.

Tasks at Microworkers

Among the tasks that you can do at Microworkers are:

  • signing-up
  • clicking and searching
  • bookmarking
  • following, sharing and other tasks related to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
  • voting and rating
  • joining and posting on forums
  • download-install
  • comment on blogs
  • Writing reviews and articles
  • Classifieds posting
  • Blog/Websites posts
  • Leads
  • Other micro tasks


You automatically receive a bonus of $1.00 for signing up. After your earnings reach $9, you can already request for payment via Alertpay or Moneybookers. Payment requests are usually processed within 30 days after placing the request.


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