Some Legal Issues in the Internet

The internet has become popular now more than ever because of the rapid advancement of internet technology in the past decade. Like any other products of men, the internet also has its own share of legal issues. Among the known legal cases arose from defamation, copyright infringements, domain name disputes and licensing issues.


It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. In this information technology era, information that is posted on the internet could spread faster than fire – and its scope is much wider since everybody can access the information over the internet. The legal problem arises when somebody posts a false statement about someone or some organization that is damaging to latter’s reputation. This is usually the reason while defamation cases are filed.

Copyright Infringements

As the popularity of the internet grew, information sharing has become so easy and fast. Web sites all over the world can connect through the internet and there is almost no limit to what people can share online globally. Sharing of copyrighted materials such as software, books, articles, movies and music had become so rampant that it already affected the income of the people who own the copyright of the said materials.

Domain Name Disputes

This is more on trademark infringement. As more companies create websites, the clashes over Internet domain names have become more common. Disputes are mostly due to second level domain names. For example, let’s say that there are three companies starting with “sample” like Sample Airlines and Sample Industries. Both companies will be vying for the domain name. But the problem is, this is usually taken already so they have to resort to other names or file some domain name dispute.

Licensing Issues

Software and programs are usually licensed and copyright protected (except for materials in public domain). Their usage and distribution are usually governed by software licenses and problems arise when people use or distribute the software against their terms of the license.

There are other legal issues in the internet that are not mentioned in this post. You can ask a technology lawyer to further learn more about this topic. It is important that we understand that internet should be used responsibly to prevent being involved in legal cases related to internet use.

Getting a Supplemental Insurance

I had recently discussed in my recent post, “Preparing for the Future,” the reason why we should already consider getting a Medicare supplement even at a young age.

Not all medical expenses are covered by Medicare – thus, the term Medigap. This is where a supplemental insurance can be useful because Medicare Supplement Insurance would cover the medical costs or charges that are not covered by Medicare. When you are already retired and rely only a fixed pension or retirement income for sustenance, it is going to be hard to find some funds to cover the out-of-pocket costs if you do not have a supplemental insurance. It will also be helpful if you check out the different plans by state because some states have different rules regarding this.

Aside for the reason stated above, the current status of our economy has cast the shadow of doubt as to the Medicare system’s capabilities to meet the needs of the population. If you remember, there has been a proposed cut in the Medicare Advantage as part of the health care bill earlier this year. Whether or not this push through, this already reminds us how uncertain our future is when it comes to these state provided medical benefits. Who knows what the legislators will come up with from now until the time that you’ll be ready to claim your benefits, right?

It really pays to prepare for the future.

Earning Online With Project Wonderful

In my post, 6 Ways to Earn Online Through Blogging, I had mentioned about joining advertising networks to generate income from your blogs.

Project WonderfulOne of the popular advertising networks where you can earn online is Project Wonderful (PW). As a publisher, you just put a code on your site then advertisers can bid through PW system so that their ads will show up on your site. You decide how and where you place the ads on your site as well as the type of ads you want (graphical, text, animated, static). You can also set choose the size of the ads (whether they are banner ads, skyscraper ads, and so on).

The bottom line is that you remain in full control what what ads will show up on your site. Advertisers can bid on your site, but you decide whether you approve new ads by hand or trust members who have bid in the past. If you don’t like an ad, you can cancel it at any time.

You can cash out once your earnings reach at least $10.

Personal Experience: I had already cashed out from Project Wonderful. As of this date, I can vouch that this site pays it members.