6 Ways To Earn Online Through Blogging

As promised in my first post, I will share with you some ways that a stay at home wife and mother like me earns by working from home. As a work at home wife and mother, one of the ways that I earn some income is through my blog.

There are various ways that you can earn online through blogging and the following items that I’ll share with you are just a few of the many ways to monetize your blog or website:

1. Advertising Networks

When your site already generates enough traffic, you can earn by offering advertising space in your blog. There are advertising networks that allow you to earn credits, cash or other points in exchange for putting the network ad code in your site. Some advertisers (like Google Adsense) have their own scripts that automate the kind of ads that they’d like to show up in your blog so you just need to place a code in your blog widget and wait for the advertising revenues to come in.

2. Direct Advertising

You can offer ads space directly to your advertisers. The price that you can charge depend on various factors such as, but not limited to, your blog traffic, blog niche and Google page rank.

3. Paid Posts

There are a lot of websites that pay bloggers to write about a product, topic or keyword. Since advertisers use this for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, your blog’s page rank is usually the major consideration for the amount of compensation that you’ll receive. Other factors include your blog’s traffic and popularity.

4. Product Reviews

You can get free products in exchange for product reviews. These products are usually yours to keep so you can use them or sell them to earn some income.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You can advertise products or services on your blog and earn an affiliate commission for each sale that your link generates (or even just for leads).

6. Blog Flipping

You can create blogs and then sell them after they earn some page ranks and have become popular.

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